City Park Confidential: Demetral Park

Demetral Park is a great place to visit if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Demetral offers over 6 acres of green space with plenty of places to sit, walk, or picnic. The park has many amenities, including tennis courts, soccer fields, a children’s play area, and more! Demetral Park also provides opportunities for visitors to see some interesting wildlife such as squirrels or deer that frequent the snow-covered grounds during wintertime. Demetral Park is a Madison, Wisconsin landmark that has been utilized for weddings and conferences since 1928. Information can be found here.

The park’s main attraction is an outdoor amphitheater with excellent sound quality for concerts on summer evenings. The theater also has limestone walls covered in ivy, making it one of my favorite places to shoot pictures! However, there’s so much more than just this at Demetral Park – you can explore trails around ponds throughout the park where you may observe animals like ducks, geese, frogs, snakes, and even turtles. If you’re lucky! Demetris park is a fantastic location to spend the day with your family. There are several activities for all ages, including a playground, cycling routes, baseball fields, and more! Demetrius has something for everyone in the neighborhood or visitors from out of town to enjoy!! It’s also adjacent to Demtras Skatepark, which adds even more fun. See here for information about Burr Jones Park: A Lovely Locale in Madison, WI.