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Asphalt Paving Pros LLC are a full service paving company proudly serving Madison WI and the surrounding areas. We are well-equipped for every stage of asphalt paving starting with drainage and construction site preparation. An improperly graded landscape, driveway site, or parking lot causes a lot of headaches and problems down the line for homeowners and local businesses. When rain water pools on your property it causes premature deterioration and potholes in your asphalt surfaces. So, our excavating contractors use their experience and skill to properly excavate and grade your site before construction projects begin. You could build a small retaining wall, or you could get the grade corrected before the work on your landscapes begin.

We offer both commercial and residential grading services and excavation in Middleton, Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. So whether you have a home project or are a local company looking for skilled excavating, we are happy to help with it all!

Why Are We a Leading Excavating Company?

We have something the leading nationwide demolition contractor can’t beat – We are familiar with the area, because we live here, too! We are a local excavating contractor who lives and works in Dane County. We are a business that strives to do an outstanding job on every project. Building long lasting relationships and serving our local business and homeowners is a privilege and we aim for 100% satisfaction for our customers on every project.

We are a contractor specializing in asphalt paving, grading, excavation, and asphalt maintenance. Our company works on projects throughout the Madison area and brings their expertise to every job. We seek to to understand the project’s specific needs, and then find the perfect solution to it. If you are searching for quality work from a reliable grading contractor, reach out for a free estimate today!

How We Can Help

Asphalt Paving Pros LLC can do any sort of finish grading, excavation and preparation for utilities based on your sketches and requirements for your home or business. Our teams bring all necessary equipment and expertise to complete the process for our Wisconsin customers’ projects quickly.

  • Proper Drainage for Asphalt Paving
  • Excavation for Every Property
  • Preparation for Gravel Installation
  • Landscape and Yard Solutions
  • Grading Services for Rain Water Issues
  • Digging to Lay Utilities

Whatever you need our excavation contractors to accomplish, we can evaluate it and offer solutions and information. When you need a site developed, we are ready to take on the challenge! You’ll receive a free quote from Asphalt Paving Pros LLC with upfront costs on any project.



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What is a grading and excavation contractor?

The answer can depend on what the contractor specializes in. We are a grading and excavation contractor specializing in construction site preparation for paving and gravel work. We make sure that the incline and grade is proper for ADA compliance and to avoid rain water issues that will decrease the life span of your pavement and cause flooding.

Are there different specialities of grading and excavation?

Picking the right local businesses for your project is an important step. Sponsored listings can muddy the waters, and not every business’s suitability is correct for your job. Some contractors are adept at commercial building strip outs and heavy industrial demolition but aren’t familiar with the asphalt paving requirements you will need for your project.

Why should I pick Asphalt Paving Pros LLC for my grading and excavation?

When a long lasting gravel parking lot or asphalt driveway or other paving project is what you need, we are a top choice in Madison WI. Picking us as your grading and paving partner, we can work on your project from start to finish. From site development to maintenance of your brand new surface, you’ll never have to scroll through search results and general contractors again, searching for a good fit for your asphalt project.

Services from Our Excavating Contractors In Dane County

Excavating contractors are beneficial for many projects in the greater Middleton and Madison WI area. Our efficient crew has the equipment necessary to do all types of earth moving and grading for our clients – from excavating a basement, leveling an area for a driveway, dismantling old pavement, and constructing retaining walls. Excavating and grading contractors save you time and money by providing timely service and professional results on every landscape and site.

Rough Grading

We provide early shaping of your construction site. To lay a solid foundation, the ground must be leveled and graded to create a particular slope. Our excavating contractor will also fill low spots in the landscape with soil or other appropriate materials. After the rough grading and ground leveling, finish grading takes place. The completed construction area has final touches applied after the excavation and rough grading is finished.

Grading and Excavation

Finish Grading

Our Madison, WI area crew is also called upon for this service where the landscape needs to be graded before construction is finished. Asphalt Paving Pros LLC will smooth out any imperfections, leaving a level and pristine finish that is a perfect base for a driveway for your home or parking lots for businesses. By creating the ideal grade, rain water problems are avoided before they start.


Lot Clearing

When our crew works on lawn and lot clearing, they will clear trees, stones, and other large hazards and fill pits with dirt and soil so they don’t collect water. Clearing can also involve breaking up concrete and old pavement to prepare the way for new paving. As experienced grading contractors, we smooth the way to build a new house or business or pave a new surface. We will provide you with a finished landscape second to none in the Madison, WI area.

residential asphalt paving

Improved Drainage

Parking lots and driveways in Wisconsin benefit from proper site preparation to prevent the problem of water pooling and other drainage issues. No one wants to accidentally start a rain garden due to improper site leveling and drainage preparation. Protect your home, business, and landscapes! Reduce water infiltration and flooding by hiring our team.

Our local excavating crew prides ourselves on our reliability as well as our ability to deliver a great job with high-quality results for each and every residential or business project we undertake.

There When You Need Us

Our professional excavation crew takes time to understand the problem you are facing and to provide the proper digging, excavating, and other site development to fix it. Your property and foundation will be safe from water and flooding after our work is completed because the solutions we provide really work. We reduce water issues and other future problems.

Utilities are an essential part of every day life, but when they bust it can cause a big headache. Our experienced excavation team will get to the root of the issue, with digging and excavating. Then we can make it look like it never happened with their expertise in paving.

We are a grading, excavation and paving contractor specializing in asphalt work. You can depend on us. No matter the size of your project, for home or business, we work vigorously to ensure your property is cleared by your deadline at a cost effective price. Watch your property and landscape go through a complete transformation from unruly vegetation to a picturesque lot.

You could keep scrolling through the search results page, or you could give our experienced team of excavation contractors a call today! Contact us for information and to schedule your free service quote on any of services. We will visit your home or business property at a time convenient for you. We’ll discuss the details of your request and determine the best way forward. If you didn’t find the specific service you had in mind listed on our site, contact us by phone or email.

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