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Gravel Driveways and Parking Lots

Gravel driveways have a classic, rustic sound and feel. They can be customized to match your home’s design and aesthetic, creating a great first impression. Gravel is also an attractive landscaping option. Driveways and parking areas made of gravel or stone can be installed as a low-cost temporary solution, or with a solid, compacted base that will last for decades.

Professional gravel driveway installation also leaves the choice open for sealing it later, for a smoother driving experience.

A gravel driveway can be used in combination with a number of different paving materials to create the driveway of your dreams. A good example of this would be a stone chip-seal coat as an overlay. If you are hoping for a custom driveway that will truly last, then this is the material for you!

Why Choose Us?

We’re one of the few blacktop driveway contractors in Wisconsin who are also experienced in delivering a high-quality gravel driveway. When you want a low-maintenance solution for your home’s access road, gravel is an attractive option. It’s affordable, boosts curb appeal, can be customized to suit your home or business, and be maintained by the property owner.

With years of experience in the industry, we offer only guaranteed high-quality workmanship. Our responsible professionals can transform your old, damaged or failing driveway into a beautiful new one that’s durable and easy to maintain.

We will work with you to design your dream gravel project. Our knowledgeable staff can offer professional customized solutions to meet all your gravel driveway needs.

Our paving contractors offer the best gravel installation services. A gravel parking lot can be an excellent temporary or permanent solution. With skilled preparation and installation it can last for many years.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded, gravel parking lot installation contractor. Our wide range of commercial, residential and industrial services include:

  • Gravel Driveway Installation
  • Gravel Parking Lots
  • Grading and Excavation
  • . . .And More Gravel Installation Services!

We offer a wide array of gravel services in the Middleton and Madison area for homeowners and businesses – if you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our pros. We also offer excellent workmanship and timely delivery on other projects such as seal coating, repair and resurfacing. Contact us for a free price estimate on your business or home project.

Gravel Driveway

Residential Gravel Driveway

Asphalt Paving Pros LLC is highly experienced in working on gravel driveways! There’s no task too difficult for us and we can take on any size job in the area. We specialize in installing gravel driveway services in Dane County, and will be sure to get your driveway completed within budget and on time.

Give us a call today to schedule your free cost estimate on all gravel installation services. Our contractors will visit your home to discuss your options. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our services today.


Gravel Driveway

Parking Lot Installation

Our company is locally owned and operated out of Middleton WI and ready to bring your parking area to life! If you want a natural look and diy maintenance with your property’s parking lot, we recommend gravel. Gravel is considerably easier to install than asphalt, so it may be a good option if you need something done quickly. A thicker layer of gravel will extend the life of your lot.

Gravel Driveway

Commercial Gravel Driveways and Lots

If you want a rustic, eco friendly option for your business’s entry, gravel may be the solution! We offer the most reliable gravel driveway installation services in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas, that will last for years. We are highly experienced in this field and know what it takes to achieve excellence when creating your gravel driveway. Contact us to request a free price estimate.

Gravel Driveway

Commercial Gravel Parking Lots

A gravel parking area is a highly-customizable solution for companies in Wisconsin. Our team of highly experienced commercial gravel parking lot installation contractors has years of combined industry experience. Our efficient crew can install your next gravel project a great price, and we can do it on time, every time.

Submit a free service request for any of our services! Our professional team is looking forward to hearing from you, asking a few questions, and discussing your project.

We provide a free estimate and quote for all of our services, including seal coating, resurfacing and repair.

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